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David Hallberg

I thought that would get your attention!  Before I go on, let me state that this contest is no way officially connected to David.  He is not a sponsor of this contest or affiliated with it.  A photograph of him is, however!

*** Please note, this contest is being drafted before being properly caffeinated. 

I need followers!  One of my friends has 1200+.  I have 60.  This is pitiful!  However, to my defense, I just kinda started this thing.  So anyway, I need your help to boost my numbers!  The best way to get people to work is to offer some kind of incentive.  After all, who likes to work for free?! 

Ok, so here’s the deal.  I want to hit 500 followers by the end of December.  This is where you come in!  You need to reblog this posting.  When one of your followers starts to follow me, they need to comment on this post and let me know just how they found me, aka who sent them my direction.  On January 1st, I will review this posting and randomly pull a name.  The name I pull will win the attached photo of David Hallberg (as a print, not a digital file) that I shot during his guesting with Mariinsky at Royal Opera House this past summer!  If I reach 1,000, I will give away two! 

Tip or advice… If I see your name pop up frequently in this posting, it MAY let me know just how hard you worked to help me which MAY improve your chances! 

Jus sayin…

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